tales of snot and vacuums

Sickness has struck our household for the first time in a long time. I was beginning to think we were immune to all the winter colds and flus or maybe they had just forgotten to stop by this year. It was as though all those rotten and yucky sicknesses that strike so many ill around the world during the colder months had just decided to skip our house this year, like a trick-or-treater does on Halloween when the've decided the chances of someone being home isn't likely and better they stick to the houses that are guaranteed to be loaded with giant king sized candy bars. Our lights were off and we had most likely gone to some fabulous Halloween party. Only healthy people were invited, by the way. But sadly, no. The charlesworth clan has spent the last few weeks recovering from an attack of a particularly snotty cold. This was Jude's first sickness. He was surprisingly brave though ... much braver than both camden and me. For the most part, he kept his spirits up and tried his best to play as though nothing was the matter. However, his little coughs and sneezes were particularly heartbreaking for us, newbie parents and all. Although, I have to say, I did enjoy all the extra snuggles his sickness brought along ... it was as if his cold was saying "Hey, I know i'm infecting your sweet babe with an extra sniffly nose that comes with a side of cough that sounds like a smokers lung, but just to show you I'm not all bad, I've brought along my friend snuggles here to ease the blow a little" ... pun intended.

This picture was quickly taken mid-vacuum. Kramer, a hater of the vacuum, jumped on the bed to warn the worlds largest fan of vacuums that his trust had been misplaced and it wasn't to late to turn back should he want too. Kramer, playing the roll of protective brother here, that is to say until the vacuum came too close for comfort, which is when he decided to leave his self-appointed post of loud, large, moving appliance protector and take shelter within his kennel. Still, it was pretty cute. 


the wall of days past

DSC_6177-2 DSC_6183 DSC_6184 DSC_6182 DSC_6180 DSC_6186 DSC_6178-2
it only seemed fitting to add a memento to the year 2014 upon our wall since, to date, it has been the most memorable year yet. so many changes and new beginnings happened in those recently past 365 days for our family - we all wanted not to forget - a little reminder of the journey we took to get where we are today. i love these memorieslab prints placed here for that reason. a few times a day i look up at all the captured moments displayed on the previously blank white canvas and remember the memory each photo holds for a moment. it's almost like an oversized photo album but always on display. i'm thinking of making this a tradition ... at the end of each year, adding a few new memories collected in those months up on the wall ...


two hundred, forty five

DSC_6057-3 DSC_6063-3 DSC_6059-3
hey all you love birds ... happy belated valentines!! can you believe, as of yesterday, this kid is eight months old? 

jude at eight months old:
is an amazing army crawler and is sooooo close to regular crawling
is extremely aware of everything
has one tiny bottom tooth that just poked through
plays hard
wakes one-two times a night
sleeps in a crib
wears size two diapers
likes his carseat and the car!
loves pears, pumpkin/butternut squash puree, cinnamon bananas, and apples very best
loves reading books more than anything else
says "uhhh" or "mmmm" when he is calling someone, says "mmmmm" when he eats something he likes, and "bababababababa" for everything else
loves waving at everyone and everything 


nights spent in

night in night in 02 night in 03 night in 01 night in 04 night in 05 night in 07 night in 08 night in 09 night in 010 night in 011 night in 06 night in 012
we use to spend our nights trying to keep jude awake and happy. usually around 5:30 or so, things start to go downhill and by 7:00 in the evening, he has pretty much had it. for the past few weeks, instead of fighting what he really wants (to hit the sack) we've started putting him down around 6:00-6:30, which has made a world of difference for him. this also means, from around 6:00 on, we are stuck at home. however, this has come to be something i look forward to. after jude turns in for the night, we will usually make some dinner (or order a pizza), light some candles, and enjoy an almost date night catching up or re-watching a series on netflix. so far we've made it through new girl, the blacklist, gilmore girls, and are now starting to watch season two of the blacklist. if you have any suggestions on what we should cue up next, please let me know!

p.s. aren't those candleholders just the cutest? you can find them here.
p.s.s. it has recently come to our attention that a new season of house of cards will become available on netflix at the end of this month. we both can't wait!