Intentional Parenting – Taking Time to Recharge

November 10, 2017


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Being a stay at home mama is one of the best and hardest things I’ve ever done. Our days are as equally as beautiful and wonderful as they are immensely challenging. Finding that balance between giving Jude everything he needs and trying to find a minute to give back to myself has probably been the biggest challenge, especially since moving away from our friends and family. For myself, nap times are sometimes the only time I get to really recharge and so I try and take every advantage during this precious time to do just that. And while I do often have to use this time to get on top of laundry or the piled-up dishes, or that pile of dust I’ve ignored too many times, I try and always incorporate something that will help me feel uplifted and refreshed.
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One of my favorite things to do during this time is to catch up on podcasts. Being able to lay down and close my eyes or catch up on the laundry while listening to other’s experiences or being lost in a story …. Well it’s just my favorite. I recently got the opportunity to try the Swift 7 laptop by Acer and I love how easy it is to pull up and begin right where I left off using the Podcast application.
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I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite podcast topics as far as parenting and deep thinking go …. but I’d love to hear any of your current favorites as well if there are any you’d like to share.

  • pre-school / early childhood education
  • parenting
  • mindfulness / health

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Celebrating The Everyday

June 1, 2017

Our Home / SImple

Miniature bud vases and woven basket are both from the White Company. It is so easy for me to get lost in the day, to get caught up in the motions, to just try and get through it. I came across this quote the other day ….

“Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.”  Humphry Davy

It’s so easy to forget that all the small moments we experience everyday can actually bring joy if  we let them. Embracing mundane chores and letting “have to’s” become “get to’s”. Slowing down and letting myself just be in the moment instead of focusing on what is next. Celebrating the everyday for what it is. Not because each day is some spectacular big production, but appreciating everyday for what it is and finding peace and contentment in that. I’ve partnered with The White Company, who are opening their first store in New York on June 15th, (check out more info here) to help share this exact message … And what better reminder than their mantra “Perfect Simplicity”.

Jude and I have been visiting out local farmers market every Saturday for the last month or so. We’ve been getting enough vegetables, fruits, eggs, and bread, which has been significantly cutting down the amount of times we’ve needed to stop by the grocery store …. something definitely worth celebrating in my book! We’ve also been getting a small bunch of wildflowers to display around the house. The simple beauty of a delicate wildflower placed in those little glass bottles makes me smile as I’m heading from room to room picking up toys or making beds …. It’s nothing big or monumental but it makes all the difference.

Miniature bud vases and woven basket are both from the White Company.


July 21, 2015



Every once in a while, I start craving a change. I’ve been daydreaming a lot of a single family home with rustic charm + modern accents … A bit more square feet + a washer and dryer + perhaps even a dishwasher. It just feels time. These are the type of places that have been playing over and over through my head.










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Yellowstone National Park

July 13, 2015



A few weeks ago, we took a long weekend to Yellowstone + Island Park. We spent three days touring around Yellowstone National park and saw more beautiful scenery and steamy geysers then we knew what to do with. It was my first time but Camden had been a bunch as a kid so he told us all about his childhood memories … seeing bears, fishing, hiking … classic boyhood adventures.



























July 7, 2015

Hey Jude


I can’t believe our baby boy is one. ONE! He’s all grown up and going off to collage this fall. In all seriousness though, Jude is Mr. independent. He wants to do + figure things out on his own and he’ll let you know it too … Well, this is all except for when it comes to eating or drinking by himself. For this, he still enlists on help from mom + dad. You would think that being in the zero percentile (yes, zero :-0) he would be a picky eater, but quite the contrary. Jude loves trying new foods and likes almost everything he tries. Jude can say: mama + dada, hey, yay, mmmmmm, baba (bottle or bye-bye), ka-ka (something gross). nah-nah (night-night) Jude can: wave hello + goodbye, “raise the roof”, clap, point, shake his head no, wave his pointer finger no, walk around furniture (not yet walking on his own).




I made Jude an orange + camomile + lavender cake that was really tasty with toy dinosaurs on top. This guy was all manners though and wouldn’t dream of eating his large slice of cake placed right in front of him on his highchair tray on his own. No Sir-ree Bob. He was dignified and only ate from a fork held by mom + dad (even thought I secretly wanted him to make a mess of it) … moreover, he really just thought the cake felt weird and slimy in his hands.

We love you, Juder-bug! Now do us a favor and stop growing up so fast!