Dec 21, 2014

bonne nuit

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lets just say, nights spent home with my family are my favorite. 

Dec 18, 2014

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Dec 17, 2014

one word ... mamaroo.

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can i just talk about how much this 4moms mamaroo contraption has saved our lives? since about week two of this little guys born existence, it has been almost impossible to get jude to sleep without some sort of human contact. not counting car rides, he would only fall asleep while nursing or while bouncing him on my shoulder ... and once he would finally fall asleep, there was no setting him down or right back open his eyes would pop. don't get me wrong, sometimes i love this. sometimes it's perfect having him nestled in my arms on the couch watching netflix ... but other times i just really need to get stuff done, like the occasional shower would be nice or catching up on emails and let's not forget, house work. what i've wanted is to be able to give him one hundred percent of my focus while he is awake and then be able to get ready for the day or edit some photos while he naps. during the past month or so things in the sleep department have gotten worse. getting him to finally drift off has been nothing short of a workout and once there, he would only stay sleeping for about forty-five minutes. these short little naps made him so irritable the rest of the day and really, who could blame him? he hated being in his swing he had gotten as baby and completely hates being swaddled ... honestly, i just didn't know what else to try and was seriously this close to surrendering myself to forever being his human bed. this was until we decided to try out the 4moms mamaroo. i was so hopeful but really skeptical at the same time. it came on saturday which was the first day we began to see the light. the first time we tried it out i knew he was really tired and needed a little nap. i was kind of expecting him to start crying escalating to a full blown meltdown ... but no. he sat there quietly letting the mamaroo bounce him from side to side until ... just like that he was asleep. i tell you, i almost cried. it seriously felt like a miracle from god. since then, he has gotten on a more regular sleep schedule, napping about one and a half hours at a time. he has been happier throughout the day ... i've been happier throughout the day. it's a win win all around. (p.s. his blanket has been velcroed down so he can't pull it up over his face)

*this is not a sponsored post, just a product i completly love and wanted to share. 

Dec 14, 2014

weekend brunch

wkndbrunch4 DSC_4809-2 weekench brunch DSC_4815 wkndbrunch3
as it finally snowed here in the city, both camden and i were feeling something warm and hearty for breakfast this morning. after waking up bright and early and grabbing our morning caffeine, we headed to the grocery store in our thick coats and wool socks for something special. we decided on warm irish oatmeal, with a side of steamed milk (or silk for me), topped with fresh fruit, and brown sugar. juder-bug had his morning nap while we made and ate our brunch and then surprised us with he sweet smiling face as soon as we were finished. it has been one of the best sundays we've had in a long time ... and it's all thanks to the snow.