Jul 21, 2014

real life

ms2 DSC_2754 ms DSC_2748 ms1
if you were to bump into me on any given day, you would most likely find me wearing something like this. an easy to nurse oversized top, my very favorite and the absolute best slouchy pants, shoes to match the weather, hair that resembles a mop due to the fact that i haven't had it cut or colored in almost a year, and sunglasses to help hide the fact that i have forgotten what makeup is. #reallife :)

i wore: top, free people // pants, vnda // shoes, hunter // sunglasses, madewell // stroller, uppababy

Jul 16, 2014

week four, one month

DSC_2711 DSC_2696 DSC_2700 DSC_2702 DSC_2707
baby jude would like to remind you all to sit back, give yourself a break, and take it easy. 

i can't believe this guy has been with us a whole month now. time has seriously flown by faster then i could have ever imagined. when i was pregnant, i was always slightly stressed about how fast those first few months would go and how little time jude would spend as an actual little baby. i thought i would be sad to see him grow bigger and felt i would want to keep him small as long as possible. however, actually the opposite is true. everyday i'm excited to see what new things he will learn and i'm finding myself wanting to discover more of his personality as he becomes more and more his own tiny person. we love you, baby jude! 

Jul 14, 2014

the "doffice"

and after weeks of promising photos of our updated space, here is our completed office/dinning room, or as we call it, the "doffice". it's worked out great so far, and if i'm being perfectly honest, we only ended up eating in our actual dinning room a few dozen times so this little room now gets double the use. yeah, it's pretty happy about it. (if you missed the original post, you can see it here.)
DSC_2392 DSC_2397 DSC_2402 DSC_2393 office

Jul 9, 2014

and after three weeks ...

06 01 03 05 DSC_2567 04
we have learned that jude ...
loves looking at twinkle lights and the lace curtains behind the couch
has dad's nose, eyes, and big toe and mom's mouth, hairline, and fingers
likes to snuggle with mom every night before bed and prefers to be burped by dad
still hates being naked and/or bathed
falls asleep on walks and car rides
is very ticklish, especially on his tummy
loves to pee and poop with his diaper off
rarely spits up but when he does it's monstrous
prefers long sleeves and leggings even in the heat
sucks his fist instead of his thumb
could stare up at the trees for what feels like forever

i wore: skirt, madewell // shirt, nordstrom (mens) // shoes, target // hat, urban outfitters - jude wore: top, gerber onesie // socks, baby gap