Sep 2, 2014

photos - from - our - labor - day - 2014

burgerbar15 burgerbar14 burgerbar12 burgerbar10 burgerbar13 burgerbar11 DSC_3485 burgerbar8 burgerbar6 burgerbar7 burgerbar4 burgerbar5 burgerbar3 burger bar1 burgerbar2 burger bar
after picking up a new record (alt j) to listen to while cleaning, and going on an extra long hike, we stopped by the infamous burger bar, a tradition originally started by my mom and sisters. we were super grungy from hiking and our early morning cleaning, which made the casual environment of the burger bar, like eating in the back of our dirty car casual, perfect for our last labor day adventure. there were giggly babies, buffalo burgers, and jealous wives watching their husbands eat fresh raspberry shakes packed full of dairy which they couldn't have ... however, camden was nice enough to surprise me with a raspberry lemonade the size of my head. anyway, it was sort of an awesome day, and quite frankly the perfect salute to the unofficial last day of summer.

Aug 30, 2014

splish, splash, jude was takin' a bath

it was one of those harder than normal nights as new parents. jude had gotten his two month vaccinations the day before making his legs sore and giving him a bit of a fever. he was unusually fussy and wanted to constantly nurse for comfort. we were all sitting on the couch, i had just had my first shower in four days, we were trying to get baby jude settled and down for the night, when he did the biggest projectile spit-up all over himself and me. i mean this thing came out the mouth, the nose, and we were both completly soaked. feeling completely defeated, we reluctently decided to quickly throw baby jude into the puj tub before bed, knowing that this probably wouldn't make his current fussiness any better as he still hadn't come around to the whole idea of a bath. however, to our surprise, as soon as we undressed the little guy and stuck him in his tub in the sink, his whole disposition changed. he became playful and smiley. he kicked the warmth with his wiggly toes and cooed at the running water coming out of the faucet. it suddenly made the entire night worth it. camden hurried and grabbed the camera to capture these photos before we were sure his giggles would soon turn to tears ... but miraculously they didn't. that smile stayed on his face all the way until he fell asleep for the night. as exhausted new parents, we couldn't have been happier.
bath4 bath1 bath2 bath8 bath5

Aug 28, 2014

weekend brunch

i made my first gluten-free/vegan but most importantly and unnecessarily stated, dairy-free brunch on sunday thanks to the healthy vegetarian food blog, green kitchen stories. i originally found this recipe on pinterest and was immediately intrigued because it looked that delicious. i was a bit skeptical at first because of this skewed perception i have of all vegan things tasting a little off, for a lack of a better word. however, this blueberry and blackberry crumble was anything but off and surpassed any and all expectations i had, furthermore, living up to those beautiful photos i first saw on pinterest ... plus, it's easy and we all know i will almost never unfriend a simple recipe that has only just a handful of ingredients. we topped our crumble with dairy free, coconut based, vanilla ice-cream and it was just perfection. even camden couldn't tell any difference which was all the proof i needed. click here for the recipe!
v10 v6 v7 v4 v2 v3

Aug 24, 2014

for all that is ice cream

ftloi DSC_3299-3 DSC_3303
i mentioned here a bit ago that i've had to give up all that is dairy for sweet baby jude because it seemed to be bugging his stomach after i ate it. honestly, this has been harder than i thought it would be ... especially certain nights when you turn on a movie and want to pair it with a tub of ice cream or those brownies your mother-in-law sends you home with which are staring you smack dab in the face. saturday, i finally made a trip down to whole foods to pick out a few dairy free, coconut and soy based ice creams to try out. i did some research and had a few people tell me that the brand so delicious was the way to go and compared closest to real ice cream in all factors; taste, appearance, and texture. i picked out four different flavors; cherry amaretto, vanilla, mocha almond fudge, and turtle trails. i was pleasantly surprised by all of them but definitely favored the turtle trails and surprisingly the vanilla because i felt it tasted similar to rice pudding. i'm alway looking for more dairy free options so if you have any favorites or tips send them my way!