Aug 12, 2014

when you have a baby jude ...

DSC_3149 DSC_3137 DSC_3117 DSC_3120 DSC_3143 DSC_3138 DSC_3125
he is the only accessory you need.

p.s. little jude and i are heading on a road trip to california tomorrow with my mom and sisters (sadly, camden has to stay home and work). any tips for traveling around ten hours in the car with an infant? anything would help!

i wore: hat, urban outfitters // black top, anthropologie // white shirt, urban outfitters // pants, gap // shoes, target - jude's outfit, baby gap

Aug 10, 2014

photos - from - our - trip - to - mirror - lake

trip 10
this past week, we took baby jude on his first road trip up the uintas by mirror lake. it was beautiful up there. most of the days were overcast, cool, and rainy, which was a much needed break from the summertime heat. we spent the days hiking, grilling, having campfires, and sitting by the fire inside our cabin at bear river lodge. there wasn't much sun, but every time it did peek from behind the clouds, baby jude would stretch his neck out long and push back his head from inside his carrier like he was trying to soak up every second of it. it was seriously the cutest thing.  trip 2 trip 1 trip 3 trip 4 trip 5 trip 6 trip 7 trip 8 trip 9 trip 11 trip 13 trip 12 trip 14 trip 15 trip 16 trip 18 trip 17 trip 19 trip 20 trip 21 trip 23 trip 24 trip 25 trip 26 trip 27 trip 28 trip 29 trip 30 trip 31 trip 33 trip 34 trip 35 trip 32

Aug 8, 2014

saw, snapped, shared

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1. i've quit eating dairy because it was transferring into my milk and upsetting baby jude. i've been obsessed with finding treats that don't include some kind of dairy, aka chocolate, therefore, i've eaten my body weight in nibs.
2. always messy, messy, messy hair.
3. all the clothes jude has already outgrown.
4. we've been loving this seinfeld magazine.
5. simply limeade + mint = best thing ever!
6. my mom bought us this baby swing a few weeks ago to help calm our baby, fuss fuss (jude's official new name), and it has worked miracles for the little guy.
7. the never ending laundry ... story of our most recent lives.
8. kramer has a haircut scheduled for today ... this is him moping about it.