Jan 18, 2015

my little gooser

gooser 7 gooser 8 gooser 9
my now seven month old gooser at feeding time.  gooser 14 gooser 5 gooser 6 gooser 12 gooser11
kramer likes when jude is messy ... which he always is. gooser gooser 13
"oh, kramer got it!" gooser 15 gooser 10 gooser 2

Jan 14, 2015

for jude

we had come to the point in our current home where we were seriously thinking about moving. jude hadn't been able to sleep in his room because of the cold (the radiator in there is really weak/that room is surrounded by windows) which left him sleeping in the living room and us stuck in our bedroom after seven in the evening afraid of waking him. we were running out of space and making anything to eat with our foot of counter space was seeming more and more impossible by each passing day. we had found the place we wanted to move. it seemed rather perfect really. jude would have his own warm room ... there was more storage ... more space ... a dishwasher {sigh}. we were so close to moving there until, at the last minute we found out they not longer had parking which was kind of a deal breaker. we had been searching online like crazy people and just couldn't find anything that seemed to fit. that's when we probably literally lost our minds and decided to do something a little radical. we came to the conclusion that the only way our current place could continue working for us was if we made some drastic changes. we moved jude into what was our bedroom, got rid of our dining room and moved our room there, and jude's old room is now our closet. we replaced our little island by our chalk board wall with a giant island for more counter space. sort of a catch-22 seeing as we no longer have a dining room ... it was seriously chaos in here for a few days. we've made progress but there is still a lot of tweaking that needs to be done. our new bedroom needs a little design help, our new closet looks like a store blew up, and jude's room needs things hung and we are waiting on a rug to cover the floor so he can have some play space. we are going for a sort of oversized studio look so we'll see how it turns out. on a side note, it's been really difficult trying to balance being a mom, redoing our home, work, as well as keeping this blog maintained. i love being little juder's mom and that will always take priority over anything else. motherhood has been so surprising to me in so many ways. it is extremely scary, overwhelming, challenging, and not to mention exhausting, but honestly i never thought i would love it as much as i do. posts should be getting more frequent here again soon so thank you so much for being patient with me while we figure stuff out. sorry for the worlds longest side note ... it's late, my mind is cluttered with fuzzy thoughts after a long day ... the end.

Jan 6, 2015

zoo lights

zoo lights zoo lights 14 zoo lights 4 zoo lights 2 zoo lights 5 zoo lights 1 zoo lights 9 zoo lights 7 zoo lights 11 zoo lights 6 zoo lights 8 zoo lights 10 zoo lights 12 zoo lights 13 zoo lights 16
the very last of christmas ... brought to you by our adventures at zoo lights 

Dec 30, 2014

christmas break repeats

DSC_5231 DSC_5222 DSC_5230-3 DSC_5225-3 DSC_5212-3 DSC_5216-3
thick sweaters, soft denim, house shoes .... this is pretty much all one needs for christmas break anyway ... am i right or am i right?