Feb 23, 2012

mid-century modern

i have been totally crushing over this mid-century-modern style lately. i think what i love most is the simplicity of the style, but also really love pieces with a vintage flare. i love the chair in the first photo and found a similar one here. what styles have you been liking lately?

on valentines we got a new coffee table and foot stool from a second hand store called elemente' and are very much mid-century-modern {i will show pictures once we pick up the coffee table}, for under 200$. don't you just love second hand stores? they are the best for finding the coolest pieces. cam and i will be going back in the future for more furniture purchases {even if he doesn't know it yet}.

hope your thursday is filled with some design inspiration!


  1. This is very fun! I love the colors. This would be such a great style for a baby's room, or a kid's room like the second picture. Can't wait to see pics of your coffee table!



  2. love that little baby bed. i'd sleep in it now! (if i'd fit...)

  3. oh gorgeous!! where are these pictures from? sooo cute :)

  4. Oooh cute! =) I love the beanie baby kids on there....showing my age by being able to recognize those things =)
    Much Love,