May 21, 2012


saturday, camden rode in his 5th century (a hundred miles). we had to wake up really early to drive to the starting line. i kept joking with him before hand saying "what's another 30 miles, you could just bike there couldn't you?", obviously i was kidding but we were all tired, even krames.

it seriously always boggles my mind that someone could go 100 miles on their bike without falling over dead at some point. i can barely go ten miles on my cruiser before my legs start to feel like jell-o and i seriously can't even walk up the stairs. camden does it with such ease and even enjoys it, he is crazy amazing i think. 

it has been a tradition every year a century roles around, kramer and i will drive down with him to see him off, then about five hours later come back and watch for him to cross the finish line. when it starts to get close to the time camden should be arriving back, i always tell kramer "camden is coming kramer. do you see him?" kramer always starts to look around trying to see camden riding down the road. it's always kind of fun watching all the bikers crossing the finish line having just finished that treacherous 100 miles. oh excuse me, camden just reminded me it was 108 miles, not 100.

5 hours and 23 minutes after he began, camden came into view finishing his 108th mile. we were so excited to see him, so proud of what he once again accomplished. he was so happy he finished, relieved and proud he had done it start to finish with no problems. kramer was so excited to see him pulling as hard as he could to try and get to him quicker (the leash concept has never made much sense to him). i am always slightly relieved to see that camden has made it back safe and alive and no emergency calls had to be made. 

good job camden, we love you!


  1. Well done to Camden :) I definitely couldn't go 100 miles

  2. That is so cool! You are so cute, love your shoes! Where are they from??