home: the place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of afamily or household

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as thanksgiving draws near and that talk of turkeys and pumpkin pies becomes inevitable and the sound of sleigh bells are only just around the corner, i can't stop myself from thinking what i have to be thankful for this year. as i was pondering today on how to go about this post, many things popped into my head, one of which was i could make a list of each and everything i was thankful for and share it here with you. . . however my fear was it would sound to much like . . . i'm thankful for my husband, i'm thankful for our dog, i'm thankful for our family, our home, our health, our lives, to be alive . . . don't get me wrong, i am more than thankful for all these things, but somehow it all sounded a little mundane. it got me thinking. what am i thankful for this year more than most? what one thing means more to me this year than perhaps it has others in the past? in other words, besides the things you would expect me to be grateful for, more uniquely to our lives, my life, what could i show a bit of extra gratitude towards right now? finally on my drive home today it hit me. i am thankful to have a place to drive home to. what i mean by this is that i'm grateful for more than just the literal place called home, for more than those four walls that hold our family inside. this year, more than anything else, i'm grateful to have that oh-so-crutial feeling of home. i'm thankful to not be wondering where our next home may be or unpacking/packing up our current one. i'm thankful for when i think of the word home, an actual place comes into mind. a place that finally feels like ours and ours alone. those who know me best know that home is probably my favorite place in the world. it is where i spend the majority of my time and it is where i find myself most content and happy. camden thinks i'm beginning to turn into a hermit with all the time i've been spending here, but it has been a long time since we have had a place that actually feels all the way like us. in fact, during the four years we have been married we have lived four different places and this is the first place that feels like "our home". furthermore, i'm grateful to finally be settled, to not feel the tension of the constant to-do's that come with packing up a home and moving. hermit or not, i'm thankful to be grounded in this little nesting place we have created called the charlesworth home.

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  1. I hate packing and unpacking. Home is one of the best feelings ...especially when it's clean haha

  2. how sweet are you. I understand! 4 moves in 4 years must have been tough. But congrats on the new home! : )

  3. lovely


  4. You are so pretty!!

    xo - Blair

  5. Having a place to call home is good reason to become a hermit for a while- especially this time of year!

  6. There's definitely no place like home. Loving that red bag!

  7. Home is awesome, I love to travel but its having a proper home to come back to that makes it even more enjoyable:) LOVE your blog by the way, I am a newbie reader and have just spent a good hour reading back:)!

    Jess aka Pink Sunshine x