high and low

oh tiny little room surrounded with windows. of course you would make a perfect office, surrounded with sunlight, you seem so sweet. this room is what sold us on this small little place we dwell. it had more charm than the rest of the house combined.
the rug from west elm (similar here) was one of the main splurges in our office. it's not by any means a multi thousand dollar persian, but as for our office budget (nickels and dimes), it was definitely a larger chunk. the desk from ikea and the little vintage chair painted in blue and white were the rooms big saves. the room doesn't have any actual light source, well besides all the natural sunlight it get's during the day, so we hung a beautiful birdcage light right in the center which would have been a splurge if we hadn't received it as a gift from the paisley pomegranate. a beautiful giraffe head from anthropologie sits center over the desk and adds more whimsy as well as provides a pop of color for the petit room.
these beautiful calendars are one of my favorite additions to the room.  i absolutely love the effect they give which came at such a small cost. i purchased mine here.
i'm sort of a yarn hoarder. if it can be wrapped in yarn, i probably will. this basket from west elm (similar one here) stores them beautifully.
without this small mail center we have set up from target in our office, our mail would end up everywhere. especially for such a small space it is a must we have a neat place to put it all. our mail key hangs right beside it so it never gets lost and a little owl from the paisley pomegranate hangs to provide a bit of decor.


  1. lovely!


  2. This space is beautiful! I am so glad I recently stumbled upon your blog! :)

  3. that giraffe head is amazing! what a lovely piece to tie your workspace together. must make working fun!


  4. Your house posts never cease to amaze me, you have such an amazing sense of style. That calendar is very pretty x

  5. Oh your study is just too beautiful. I love Alice Gao's work too! You have such an eye for interior design!

  6. It's so bright and light and spacious! And just so full of fun colours and patterns! I loooooooove.

    <3 Cambria

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  7. What a beautiful space! Love those calendars too!

  8. I love everything about this space! So great!

  9. Oh, this is so lovely- everything about it. <3 We definitely need a mail system in our household. Though I'm not sure something that small would do it! We have mail everywhere. Your yarn and yarn basket were the first things to catch my eye in the first photo. I've been dying to buy tons of yarn and go crazy with my crocheting! I want to learn to knit, too!

  10. You are so right, that calendar is a stunner! I also melt for that giraffe on the window. This whole space looks very whimsical :)

  11. What a pleasure to see my calendar displayed in your lovely space. :)

  12. I love your yarn basket! A pretty way to store your extras. Right now mine are in a cardboard box in the closet, not on display at all!