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throughout the past year we have been trying to simplify our lives a bit, getting rid of things that aren't necessary as well as extra clutter within our home. more and more camden and i have dreamt of our lives being simpler, more minimalistic, and more clean. our first big step in this process came through moving and having to purge the things we could do without and only taking the things we loved or needed. this also meant however, that a lot of lifestyle changes have had to happen around here as well as sacrificing some of the things we've been used to having, such as a dishwasher and washer/dryer just for example. this past week we've made a few more big changes. camden was offered a promotion at work which, among a few other things meant a location change. luckily for us this means he is now working only less than two miles from home and has started commuting by foot to work. after a lot of thinking and debating we have decided to sell one of our cars as camden will be walking most days to and from work anyhow. also this week, we gave up cable which honestly was almost a harder decision for us than deciding to sell a car. however, after realizing just how little time we actually spend watching it, it suddenly seemed silly having it at all. a few more things will probably be changing around here soon but so far the adjustment hasn't been too hard. i'll keep you posted though . . .

1. early christmas present wrapping // 2. so much laundry // 3. first presents under the tree // 4. beautiful gifts from a sweet friend // 5. kramer the other reindeer // 6. classic books and chocolates..yum // 7. loads and loads of dishes all washed by hand.


  1. we used to cancel our cable in the summer, but a few years ago when fall came we decided not to get cable. i can honestly say we do not regret it. If there is a show we want to watch we can go online (netflix or hulu) or wait till its on video. Good luck!

  2. I always love your photos!


  3. lovely :)


  4. We got rid of cable about two years ago and haven't missed it since. There's only a handle of sows we love, and we've been able to find them online within an hour of the air time. I think you're making awesome strides to simple living!

  5. I've been needing and wanting to declutter and organize my life too....Material things\belongings is a good place to start! And to echo what "anonymous" said, I always love your photos too! -Jessica L

  6. Gorgeous copy of P&P...I looooove beautiful books!!! I've been working on wrapping presents and figuring out Christmas stuff this week too, lots of fun :) Oh -- and we don't even have a TV at home, which was hard at first but has been so helpful!

    <3 Cambria

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  7. I used to think giving up cable would be hard, but now that I don't have it, I actually prefer it! I find that I am much more productive because I don't get sucked into terrible reality and talk shows. Most things on television these days is trash anyway. Thank goodness for the internet and Netflix so I can watch the shows I actually like without paying for those I don't like!

    P.S. Cute dog!

  8. beautiful beautiful copy of pride & prejudice. if i ever cancelled cable during hockey season, my husband would freak. or probably even just cancelled cable in general hah soooo does this mean cutting back your closet too? closet sale ;)

  9. amazing picture! you have such good lighting in your pictures!
    -deana, from birds&oxfords

  10. Lovely photos! My Jason and I have been thinking the same way. Though we don't own a lot to begin with we are becoming picker in what clothing we buy and what we really need vs. wants and whether or not we have to have something vs. just liking it in the moment.
    Great copy of Pride and Prejudice by the way! Very colorful!


  11. Yay to living a minimalistic life. It's so much more freeing, isn't it? :) Happy holidays!