i wore this when ...

w.i.w.w1 w.i.w.w3
... we walked three miles (round trip) to see the christmas lights. of course we took kramer, of course it had just snowed and of course i wore my favorite vintage shoes that just happen to have no traction and rub on my ankles a bit when wearing low socks. i sort of knew it might be a bad idea going into it but wear them i still did. by the time we made it to the lights we were chilled to the bone (except for kramer who was as happy of a pup as i've ever seen), so we decided to glance from afar on our way back home.

on a funny side note, we have come to find kramer does not like horses. we saw a few pulling those little carriages you see around christmas time, giving people rides around the city you know, and when kramer saw this he sort of went wild, growling and barking with fury. to think that little guy could take on a horse, it still makes me giggle.

anyhow, after all that walking and nonsense we managed to end up back home an hour later with some very sore ankles and without seeing much lights to speak of at all. it took me a full hour afterwards to get warm even with hot coco in hand. will we do it again? yes! will i wear better shoes? we'll see :)

i wore: sweater, madewell // shirt, j.crew // pants, j.crew // shoes, vintage // purse, vintage coach  


  1. I looove your purse.
    I also happen to wear my uncomfortable shoes at inopportune times!
    I hope we get snow soon, I'd love to see the christmas lights reflecting off the snow. :)

  2. Us girls, we never learn! Who needs proper support and warmth anyway, right? Beautiful outfit, Sara.

  3. First of all...you look amazing, so that's all that matters, right? Second, I do that all the time...I'm a total fashion over comfort gal:)

  4. Such a darling sweater <3 Madewell has such cute prints this season!


  5. did you have a coat on?! you are a daring fashionista, you are. so the tiny furry man that i watched this year, who is kramer's super identical twin, used to lose his mind over all the horses around central park. i mean, flipped his lid, barking and tugging his leash and making me laugh. perhaps it is a havanese thing? because the other pups i watch haven't done this. yet. those poor horses break my heart but it sure is hard not to crack up at a little dog thinking he could take them on :)

    1. I did wear a coat :) I also feel sad for those horses. I still remember in elementary school my Christmas wish was that the horses wouldn't have to pull those carriages around all the time. Wishing I was in central park though . . how I miss New York. Hope you have lovely day!


  6. this is lovely!


  7. I love love love that sweater!! Great outfit!

  8. You have great taste in decor & fashion! Keep the posts coming (& and I pray Madewell will ship to Europe soon :))!

  9. Love your sweater and your shoes! You have such an awesome sense of style for both fashion and interior decorating.

  10. well you are pretty much THE CUTEST thing in living history!

    So happy to find your simply stunning space and am hitting the 'follow' button as we speak. I'm now off to have a good look around :)

    Much love from a very sunny and christmassy Australia

    xo em

  11. At least you looked cute while walking :) Love your outfit!
    <3 Becky

  12. That sweater is so cute! And I love it over the longer top. The proportions are perfect.


  13. Definitely loving how you mixed patterns here and that sweater from madewell, I need it in my closet soon!!


  14. Those shoes are amazing...