Dec 23, 2012

i wore this when ...

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camden had his first official sunday off and we of course celebrated. can i just tell you how happy i am that camden gets a weekend day off? i was getting really fed up only seeing the guy after dark. and what better way to commemorate his first official no-work-sunday-day with the most perfect of sunday activities, brunch.

on a side note, i got restless with growing out these bangs of mine (surprise, surprise) and chopped them right off. i can never let them get passed my chin before i can no longer stand them and whack them back up to my eyes. camden likes me better this way anyhow, with bangs i mean, which, by the way, makes it that much harder to hold out and finish letting them grow.

and on my last and final tangent, can you hardly believe tomorrow is christmas eve? i for one can't. i find myself asking this question much to often, but where has the time gone?

i wore: necklace c/o, pink sunshine london // jacket, anthropologie // sweater, madewell (a long time ago) // pants, madewell (a long time ago) // shoes, nike


  1. LOVE this outfit!
    So perfect!

  2. Oh, you look great! Love the color combo of the army green jacket with the muted stripes of the shirt. And I wish I could bite the bullet and CUT bangs, I always admire those that rock them (like you!)

  3. I second, Jackie's comment! The colour combo is great. And your bangs are cute.

  4. Love this outfit- I have a big parka-y coat I've been trying to figure out to style and this gave me some inspiration! :)

  5. in absolutely love with your outfit :) love that the jacket matches with your shoes!
    I understand your bangs dilemma, i'm fighting myself not to cut them ...

  6. i know what you're talking about! i loved it when my guy finally had time for me! (well now not anymore.. :S)
    your jacket is so cute! i have been wanting one for some time but can;t seem to find a nice one in malaysia :(

  7. Love the way you styled the Chevron necklace Sara:) Looks so cute on you!!
    And tell me about it on the time issue, it feels like only yesterday I was looking forward to 2012, and now its almost 2013!!!!

    Jess Aka Pink Sunshine London

  8. Adore the handbag :) your blog is beautiful xx

  9. That look is total campus ready! Oh how I love it! And any look with pushed/rolled/etc.. sleeves is so right up my alley!


  10. This outfit is amazing! LOVE it! And I am a fan of the bangs. So cute!

  11. I for one love the bangs! I am about to get mine chopped off after growing them out!


  12. Vintage coach? That is an awesome find!

  13. LOVE the design of your blog!! Following <3 alex

  14. nice bangs!


  15. I was just curious on how you did the arrows and writing in that photo? I just started a blog and I am trying to figure out how to do certain things :) I would love to hear back from you! And maybe if you have any other tips you would like to share :) thank you! Also I would love if you checked out my blog at and let me know what you think!
    P.s. cute outfit and great blog!

    1. I just used the paint brush tool in Photoshop to do the arrows and the type tool to do the writing (also in photoshop) for this photo. & lovely blog!

      Thanks so much!!