you say goodbye, i say hello

new year 2013
i'm not much for making new years resolutions. mostly because i know about one week in (if that) i will have forgotten all about them or become too lazy to care. so this morning, first morning of 2013, camden and i sat down for a little unhealthy meal consisting of yesterdays movie theater kettle popcorn, a left over snack plate that included: pepperoni, cheese, and crackers, and of course a chocolate orange from a christmas stocking. hello 2013 and goodbye 2012!

i have to say 2012 was pretty good to us. camden and i celebrated our third anniversary, kramer had his third doggy birthday, this blog turned a whole year old, we moved for our fourth, yes fourth, time in four years, and of course took a trip to my very favorite city, new york.

while i was thinking about this blog post, i realized we did have a few goals i think we could work on this up coming year. staying put for more than one year to start. i'm just saying it would be nice to celebrate christmas more than once in the same home. saving more and spending less, though this may be a life goal if i'm honest. making our lives more simple and concentrating on the important things in life. taking more family walks, which we have already started getting better at. and eating more home cooked meals at the dinner table and less meals out at the restaurant table.

i do have a few goals for this blog as well, although they seem harder to put down on paper (or computer screen) than the others. however, i do want to thank all of you for helping make our 2012 so awesome. i'm so thankful for all you readers who come back everyday and share your sweet comments and help brighten my day. you have made this blog worth it and i thank you.

so here is to you 2012, may 2013 be just as great. happy new year!!


  1. I'm not really one for resolutions either! I think it's better to evaluate the past year and choose an outlook I would like to have for the coming year. Like, an outlook for appreciating all life, or an outlook of love and positivity. It's easier to accomplish, and remember than a list of goals! :)Congratulations on the year mark of your lovely blog, and I love your latest place!! It looks stunning!

  2. instead of making resolutions, I make a vision board that has pictures of things that I want to accomplish in 2013. Happy New Year!



  3. Happy new year!!


  4. happy new year! this is just really great :) thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy New Year!


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  6. Goals are good! Resolutions, bad. They start to feel like a burden after a while. But goals will take you far! Here's to a happy (flexible) new year!

    xo, Sarah
    @ One Sweet Tuesday

  7. I definitely mentioned the whole "resolutions" thing in my newest post. I would much rather call them goals!
    The Introverted Brunette

  8. I find it really hard to put down blog goals too.. life goals seem so much easier to talk about. Home cooked meals is a must, we eat far too much take out food right now xx

  9. Happy new year! Looking forward to the posts ahead!

  10. Happy New Year doll! And may 2013 be just as good to you and yours (especially cute little Kramer) if not better!


  11. Sounds fun. I am really going to try to keep my resolutions this year. I'm going to write them in my creative space so I'm reminded!

  12. Happy new year! I am so glad I was able to find your blog this year. You and your space here is so inspirational and I am looking forward to your 2013 content!

  13. love the snack plate :) and love reading your blog. looking forward to an awesome 2013

    xo ...from Bottle to Botox

  14. Hi! I just discovered your blog because of a link at Danielle's Sometimes Sweet. It looks very nice, I'm going to read through it now ;-)
    Happy new year!