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the most simple dinner we've been eating every night

March 24, 2015

Date Night

We’ve been eating in a lot more lately. Sometimes, when we don’t feel completely drained and aren’t drunk with evening laziness, we will actually make something … And by make something, I mean something that has more than a few ingredients … And by ingredients I mean not already prepared. This here is not one of those meals. However, this is one of our favorite, most delicious meals as of late and I’ll tell you just what it is. Pay attention though, it’s pretty tricky 😉DSC_6463
DSC_6489You need: garlic naan, white bean hummus with pine nuts, butter, reduced balsamic vinegar. 
To make: Warm bread on oven rack for 3-5 minutes. Remove from the oven and spread with butter while still hot. Drizzle reduced balsamic vinegar and serve with pine nut hummus. 

Minds blown … You are welcome ;-p 

nights spent in

February 12, 2015

Date Night / Photographs

night in
night in 02
night in 03
night in 01
night in 04
night in 05
night in 07
night in 08
night in 09
night in 010
night in 011
night in 06
night in 012

we use to spend our nights trying to keep jude awake and happy. usually around 5:30 or so, things start to go downhill and by 7:00 in the evening, he has pretty much had it. for the past few weeks, instead of fighting what he really wants (to hit the sack) we’ve started putting him down around 6:00-6:30, which has made a world of difference for him. this also means, from around 6:00 on, we are stuck at home. however, this has come to be something i look forward to. after jude turns in for the night, we will usually make some dinner (or order a pizza), light some candles, and enjoy an almost date night catching up or re-watching a series on netflix. so far we’ve made it through new girl, the blacklist, gilmore girls, and are now starting to watch season two of the blacklist. if you have any suggestions on what we should cue up next, please let me know!

p.s. aren’t those candleholders just the cutest? you can find them here.
p.s.s. it has recently come to our attention that a new season of house of cards will become available on netflix at the end of this month. we both can’t wait! 

chinese + ikea + pajamas = perfection

June 11, 2014

Date Night / Our Home


a few weeks ago, camden and i turned our dining room into a split office/dining room since our old office has been transformed into a nursery. even more than i was looking forward to some more storage and a place to put our office junk, i was looking forward to a good old ikea date night in … just like the kind camden and i used to have when we were first married and all of our furniture was from ikea because it was all we could afford. we wore our pajamas, listened to four or five records, ate greasy chinese,  and built an ikea credenza. i was in charge of the hardware and instructions, camden was in charge of building it. it was honestly the perfect date night … just what we needed. i’ll post photos of our updated office/dining room soon! 

date nights in

December 12, 2013

Date Night


camden and i have been enjoying a few date nights in lately … mostly because it’s freezing out and the roads have been covered in snow … but really, we are just both plain exhausted when the day finaly turns to night. our romantic evenings in, if you will, usually entail winter pajamas with cozy socks, a heater to help our tired radiators that we pretend is a bustling fire, some sort of desert (usually ice cream), hopping into bed just incase we fall asleep (which we usually do), turning on an old mini christmas tree camden has had since he was a child, and watching a movie we both can agree on which can be harder some nights than others. last night we watched sherlock holmes and tonight i think we might venture out for belgian waffles first, then come home and watch the family man. camden and i can always agree on the family man.