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5 years young

May 24, 2014



kramer turned five last week. i can’t believe we’ve had this little guy for a whole five years … it’s just crazy to me.

since kramer has been getting a little jealous of all these fun looking baby things we’ve been getting lately and sadly none of them happen to be for him …  even those fun stuffed toys that look just like the ones he plays with … i thought, for his birthday, i would get him a new giant “fur” for the couch, a little something that was just his. we all know how kramer loves his “furs” and he absolutely does. he has even been generous enough to share his fur with the rest of us as long as he gets a few belly rubs out of it 😉 kramer is sure one sweet pup and we both love him to death. 

according to kramer

February 21, 2014


“hey guys … are you looking?” “look at me look at me look at me…”
“ok, see in here?” “go in there and get me a treat.” “go on … you can do it …” 
“wait, you’re not moving …” “get me a treat from the closet!!!!” 

“{sigh} denied …” 

kramer … the faker

December 18, 2013



the other day, camden decided to take kramer out for a walk … something we haven’t been doing as often lately because of the freezing temperatures outside. feeling bad about this, camden decided to take him around the block to get some of his energy out. well, half way up our street kramer started limping on one of his paws. camden stopped to take a look at his sweet little foot and couldn’t see anything apparently wrong but decided they better turn back anyway. however, as soon as camden turned around to head back home kamer started walking just fine. camden, assuming whatever was wrong had fixed itself, turned back around to continue on their walk but, just as soon as they did, kramer started limping and whimpering as if he was in sooo much pain. again, they turned back around to head home and of course that little faker was fine. this isn’t the only thing he has faked lately either. he fakes being asleep when we tell him it’s bath time. he fakes going potty outside so he can come in. in fact, he was fake sleeping for the camera in these photos. he was lying on my chest wide awake until camden came over with the camera then decided he better do his “photo pose” and pretended to be asleep. at this point, we are both pretty sure it may even be possible he is fake being a dog. oh, but how i do love my little faker.