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June 27, 2015



Welcome to the new Chalk White Arrow. As you may be able to tell, a lot of changes have taken place over here. There are still tweaks to be made and a few things that need changing … At this point in time, life is seeming to take longer than I plan for, but I appreciate you all being patient with me. Starting Monday, things will be getting more consistent around here. My goal is to get at least two posts up a week and possibly increase post frequency a little as we go along. A big THANK YOU to all of you who have stuck around … to those who have remained loyal readers, who send me kind words, who have always been supportive … This blog remains because of you.

Until then, you can find me on Instagram


April 20, 2015



Hey, guys!! It’s time for a giveaway, this one is from the darling Etsy shop, A Little Joy. A Little Joy is giving one Chalk White Arrow reader the chance to win one of their beautiful, handmade, baby quilts. Each one is made to order and they are so stinking pretty … There is some major quilt envy going on over here!

To enter:
Visit the shop A Little Joy, and have a look around.
Follow A Little Joy on Pinterest by clicking here, then share this giveaway on one social media platform of your choice (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, ETC…). 
Come back to this post and let us know you did.

The winner will be chosen randomly one week from today and notified shortly after, via email. If you do not have an email linked within your Google profile, please leave your email or a way for us to get in touch with you in your comment. Giveaway is open to Chalk White Arrow readers only. Good luck! 

easter 2015

April 7, 2015


easter 1
easter 2
easter 4
easter 5
easter 6
easter 7
easter 8
easter 9
easter 10
easter 13
easter 11-2
easter 12

All I need to say here, is that holidays are like a million times more fun when you get yourself a kid. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Also, I think our Easter mistakenly thought it was actually Christmas … at least Juder’s mom must have thought it was anyway. Oops … live and learn!


February 8, 2015


giveaway 02
giveaway 4
giveaway 03

it’s giveaway time you guys! today’s giveaway is really cool because it’s from jenn, the owner of the beautifully curated etsy shop, belle hibou. her shop is full of charming handmade jewelry and photographs inspired by her love of nature, places she’s traveled and seen, and the sixties and seventies. if you haven’t checked out belle hibou yet … well what are you waiting for?

today, jenn is giving you all a chance to win a thirty dollar credit good towards anything in her store. above are just a few of my favorites items … you can check them out here, here, here, and here. in order to enter, you must:

  •  check out belle hibou by clicking here then pick one or two of your favorite things.
  •  come back to this blog and comment under this post with what you’ve chosen.

to increase your chances, you can follow her blog, follow her on facebook, and follow her on instagram … just make sure you leave a comment for each entry (max of four) letting us know you did. this giveaway is open to chalk white arrow readers only and will end on the 15th of february, one week from today. the winner will be chosen shortly after and notified via email. 

good luck! 

louden the silence

October 18, 2014



i’m sorry for the quiet absence over the past little bit … i’ve been having problems with my camera uploading photos onto our computer. more importantly however, i’ve been spending a lot of my time comforting baby jude, who has been dealing with chronic acid reflux. i wanted to thank those of you who gave me such great tips and ideas on instagram. with the combination of giving him a lactose-free formula a few times a day, as well as visiting a chiropractor once a week, his reflux seems to have been settling down a lot, which … needless to say, makes all three of us a lot happier. i have a few posts planned and with the calming of jude’s poor tummy, hopefully this little space will stay a bit more active. thank you all for being patient with me 🙂