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August 8, 2014

Miscellaneous / Saw + Snapped + Shared


1. i’ve quit eating dairy because it was transferring into my milk and upsetting baby jude. i’ve been obsessed with finding treats that don’t include some kind of dairy, aka chocolate, therefore, i’ve eaten my body weight in nibs.
2. always messy, messy, messy hair.
3. all the clothes jude has already outgrown.
4. we’ve been loving this seinfeld magazine.
5. simply limeade + mint = best thing ever!
6. my mom bought us this baby swing a few weeks ago to help calm our baby, fuss fuss (jude’s official new name), and it has worked miracles for the little guy.
7. the never ending laundry … story of our most recent lives.
8. kramer has a haircut scheduled for today … this is him moping about it. 

saw, snapped, shared

April 7, 2014

Saw + Snapped + Shared

a very messy house after being lazy returning from our trip and lots and lots of san pellegrino because i’m in love with the stuff.
many naps and head snuggles … just the important stuff, you know?
mostly … i just think he’s handsome.
i wear these almost every day to my bar class … i think it might be time to invest in another pair.
postponing his haircut as long as possible mostly because i just love him furry and fluffy. i really think it fits his personality best.


we found this guy while on our trip in laguna. we thought it would be the perfect stuffed toy for baby jude … his name is figaro.

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February 26, 2014

Saw + Snapped + Shared


things have been busy, busy around here but oh how it has been nice out the past few days … the strangest winter weather we’ve ever seen. however, you absolutely will not hear any complaints out of us. since it has been in the sixties and our heads have been tricked into thinking it’s spring, the three of us have been spending any spare time we can find taking long walks, mostly in the evenings after dinner and have been making them as long as we can … sometimes a few hours … we just can’t get enough of that vitamin d. plus i’m sure any time now, february will remember what season it belongs in and snap back into its regular chilly and cold days covered in frost. but until then ….

camden and i are also trying to plan a little trip somewhere … a bit of a babymoon if you will. we have been bouncing back and forth between which destination we should visit but we can’t seem to help ourselves from dreaming of the ocean. we’ll see where that leads us.

our baby room is still a mess but we are slowly collecting bits and parts of everything we need. that beautiful wall hanging above was created with baby jude in mind and i can’t wait to see it in his room after it’s been all put together.

i’m not going to lie, i might have canceled my exercise class tonight so we could watch the bachelor … anyone else?

what has been happening in your worlds lately … i would love to hear!

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February 13, 2014

Saw + Snapped + Shared


just thought i’d say hello … hello!


found a small space on our wall for our first photos of baby …


he gave us the thumbs up … all looks good!


lately we’ve been spending more time reading or talking and less time watching t.v. at night before bed.


currently you will find on our bedside table ….


la la-de-da la la-de-da 


been spending a lot of time rearranging and reorganizing our home. for this chair, it was either here or nowhere.


my current favorite candle since i always seem to have at least one.


this guy cracks me up … way up.

saw, snapped, shared

December 23, 2013

Saw + Snapped + Shared

a bed beneath the christmas tree … also, a messy, messy apartment.
my thursday night ritual … a western h hamburger, diner style fries, and a limeade.
our first things for baby … all unisex of course.
kramer thinks they are for him.
sometimes i like to turn on the yule log and pretend it’s a warm fireplace. i swear it heats up the house ten degrees every time 😉

camden’s very new favorite thing to do is read. right now he is reading the da vinci code