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back into action // Mama, Jude, + his Dinosaur

June 30, 2015

Hey Jude / Wore


It’s a new week and I’m officially, officially back. There are still kinks being worked out including a few problems with email subscribers getting transferred (if you are no longer getting updates, feel free to re-subscribe). Just starting out with something simple and sweet while trying to get back into the rhythm of things. So … Here. We. Go.

Mama, Jude, + his dinosaur.






Summer Shoulder-Tie Jumpsuit, Madewell. Sweater, Madewell (similar). Grosgrain Mini Boater Hat, Urban Outfitters . Jude’s Dinosaur, Amazon 

Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015


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When I think back to when I was a child, I have a few very distinct memories that come to mind. I remember the the first time I had a cherry Jolly Rancher and how I thought it tasted just like Christmas. I remember the smell of my my dad’s iced tea he drank when he came in from mowing the lawn. I remember my mom sticking my blanket in the freezer on hot days before bedtime and loving how the silk edges felt cool on my face. I remember watching specks of dust float off my curtains during nap time and thinking they must be magic. I remember, in our bath, there was this milky green conditioner and how it looked just like frosting. I tasted it one day when my mother wasn’t watching … it tasted nothing like frosting.

I often wonder what kind of memories Jude will have of his childhood when he’s all grown and big. I hope more than anything else he remembers he was extremely loved. He has made me one happy Mama and I feel so lucky and grateful to call him mine.

I want to wish all you mamas the happiest Mother’s Day … especially to all our mothers/mother-figures. Jude, Camden, Kramer, and I love you all.  

confessions of a mom – # one

September 27, 2014



that time i wore my husbands old band t-shirt, then left it on for bed, then wore it again the next day. also, that hat is for covering my greasy fourth day unwashed hair, and those jeans get worn at least a few times a week. #confessions

i wore: top, husands band t-shirt // pants, ag stevie jeans (similar) // shoes, madewll // hat, madewell