June 27, 2015



Welcome to the new Chalk White Arrow. As you may be able to tell, a lot of changes have taken place over here. There are still tweaks to be made and a few things that need changing … At this point in time, life is seeming to take longer than I plan for, but I appreciate you all being patient with me. Starting Monday, things will be getting more consistent around here. My goal is to get at least two posts up a week and possibly increase post frequency a little as we go along. A big THANK YOU to all of you who have stuck around … to those who have remained loyal readers, who send me kind words, who have always been supportive … This blog remains because of you.

Until then, you can find me on Instagram

weekend in deer valley – park city

June 3, 2015

Hey Jude / Photographs

weekend 6

Time has slipped away from me and taken this blog with it. Good news though. In seven-ten days, Chalk White Arrow will be getting a new look on a new platform. It’s really time to freshen things up and start new. Time for more frequent blog posts placed on a modern and simple layout. Speaking of time, we took this weekend vacation up in Deer Valley / Park City almost a month ago?!?! I can’t believe it’s been that long.

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weekend 11
weekend 9

On our trip, Jude suddenly decided to become a pro napper and pro eater, so we spent a lot of time hanging out at the lodge. It had gorgeous views of a lake and ski slope … let’s just say, I’m not complaining.

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weekend 14

It was still the off season in Park City, so it was really pretty quiet walking up and down main street. We ate at Vinto for lunch one day and we’re actually the only people in there. Jude took it upon himself to become very well aquatinted with our cute waitress. We kept our weekend erring on the side of low-key. We walked the streets during the day, stoping in at eateries for lunch, window shopping at funky shops, and taking lots of breaks for naps. We rented a few movies and takeout during the evenings and got plenty of sleep. Kramer loved running around the lake and having large windows inside he could watch out of. It was a really beautiful weekend.


May 15, 2015

Hey Jude


At eleven months old Jude…
– loves climbing on furniture
– loves trying new foods
– refuses to hold his own bottle or put food in his own mouth … Any tips?
– crawls in and out of tiny spaces and likes to spend time under chairs or benches
– claps his hands for yay – waves hello and goodbye – makes a sucking motion with his mouth when he wants to eat – shakes his head from side to side when he is done with something – points at everything
– loves playing with those toy cars that you pull backwards to make go … we were was amazed how quickly he figured that out
– sleeps through the night (most nights)
– has four teeth
– is incredibly determined
– loves carrying around medicine dispensers
– babbles during car rides
– hates practicing to walk but likes walking around the perimeter of furniture on his own
– is completely aware of all his surroundings + everything that is going on around him. Loves studying things for long periods of time
– likes to stick his fingers through any hole he can find
– never stops moving
– is extremely loved 

Happy Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015


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When I think back to when I was a child, I have a few very distinct memories that come to mind. I remember the the first time I had a cherry Jolly Rancher and how I thought it tasted just like Christmas. I remember the smell of my my dad’s iced tea he drank when he came in from mowing the lawn. I remember my mom sticking my blanket in the freezer on hot days before bedtime and loving how the silk edges felt cool on my face. I remember watching specks of dust float off my curtains during nap time and thinking they must be magic. I remember, in our bath, there was this milky green conditioner and how it looked just like frosting. I tasted it one day when my mother wasn’t watching … it tasted nothing like frosting.

I often wonder what kind of memories Jude will have of his childhood when he’s all grown and big. I hope more than anything else he remembers he was extremely loved. He has made me one happy Mama and I feel so lucky and grateful to call him mine.

I want to wish all you mamas the happiest Mother’s Day … especially to all our mothers/mother-figures. Jude, Camden, Kramer, and I love you all.  

simple + delicious

April 30, 2015



My mom came over the other night to help me with some “crucial” design decisions … life or death type decisions … like do my couch’s legs need to be two inches taller? Anyway, she brought over dinner, like moms love to do, and I was surprised to learn how extremely simple her meal really was.   Camden and I made it again the other night … It was just as good as I had remembered it. I’m at a loss for a super clever name to call this dish at the moment so let’s just call it what it is: pesto basil pasta with shrimp and asparagus. Recipe below 🙂

You will need: 
corkscrew pasta
raw shrimp (without shells and veins)
Buitoni pesto with basil sauce  
extra virgin olive oil
reduced balsamic vinegar 
salt and pepper

Place oven on broil setting.
On a baking pan, place desired amount of shrimp (so each person can have about 7-10 in their bowl). Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Broil shrimp about four inches away form the heat source for about 4-5 minutes. Set aside. 

Bring water for pasta to a boil. Add a little extra virgin olive oil and a few pinches of salt. Boil desired amount of pasta for about 7 minutes or until al dente. Drain pasta water and return to pot. 

While cooking pasta, place asparagus on baking sheet, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Broil asparagus for about 7 minutes. Remove from oven and drizzle reduced balsamic over top. 

Combine; pasta, shrimp, and Buitoni pesto sauce. Season with salt and pepper as needed. Serve in a bowl topped with asparagus.