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Dec 17, 2012

high and low

oh tiny little room surrounded with windows. of course you would make a perfect office, surrounded with sunlight, you seem so sweet. this room is what sold us on this small little place we dwell. it had more charm than the rest of the house combined.
the rug from west elm (similar here) was one of the main splurges in our office. it's not by any means a multi thousand dollar persian, but as for our office budget (nickels and dimes), it was definitely a larger chunk. the desk from ikea and the little vintage chair painted in blue and white were the rooms big saves. the room doesn't have any actual light source, well besides all the natural sunlight it get's during the day, so we hung a beautiful birdcage light right in the center which would have been a splurge if we hadn't received it as a gift from the paisley pomegranate. a beautiful giraffe head from anthropologie sits center over the desk and adds more whimsy as well as provides a pop of color for the petit room.
these beautiful calendars are one of my favorite additions to the room.  i absolutely love the effect they give which came at such a small cost. i purchased mine here.
i'm sort of a yarn hoarder. if it can be wrapped in yarn, i probably will. this basket from west elm (similar one here) stores them beautifully.
without this small mail center we have set up from target in our office, our mail would end up everywhere. especially for such a small space it is a must we have a neat place to put it all. our mail key hangs right beside it so it never gets lost and a little owl from the paisley pomegranate hangs to provide a bit of decor.

Dec 2, 2012

mini blog series : the high and the low

i have come to find over the years in our many homes we have lived in that there seems to be a game of balance i play when trying to decorate each place. i have learned many lessons and have come to realize that sometimes it is better to buy the more expensive piece you truly love in the first place, rather then buying a cheaper piece you will replace ten times before buying the more expensive one in the end. since we are on a budget, i find it sometimes hard to find a balance between inexpensive items while still having a few of those expensive things mixed in. however, for our style, i do find it important to mix in less expensive finds with the more expensive ones to give a well rounded feel within our home. so . . .  i thought i would start a mini blog series highlighting a new room in our house each time with what i have decided to spend a bit more on, those things we will keep and cherish forever, and the things i have felt okay about spending a bit less on and still love how they interact and play within the room. a bit of high and low if you will. so here today i start with our bedroom. 

h&l high low bed 2 DSC_0091-2 DSC_0555-2 DSC_0105 DSC_0128 DSC_0069-2 DSC_0288
i have found with this bedroom, it hasn't been so much high (expensive) and low (inexpensive) but more of a medium and how low can you go. we have spent the most on accessories in this room. for instance we spent probably twice as much on the bedding as we did on the dressers. our reasoning for this was that our bedding can go from place to place and still work yet, because of this particular rooms size and shape the furniture may not be able to travel along with us in future homes. the side table isn't something we bought for this particular room but is one of the higher priced finds in it. the bed itself is just a metal frame totaling to only about $60 and the dressers and clothing rack are just ikea pieces, our big box store finds if you will. however, i will say i did spend a bit more on ribbons to wrap the clothing rack in to give it a more unique touch. the overall esthetic for our bedroom is very simple with pops of color throughout as it is quite small and i felt it best to keep it that way. all in all, i'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

where did you get that: duvet cover, west elm // quilt (similar), anthropologie // sheets, west elm // lace doily on bed, good knits // clock on side table, areaware // clothing rack, ikea // dressers (2), ikea // orange pillow on bed, ikea // yellow lamp on dresser, west elm // world print, urban outfitters // hanging light, urban outfitters // deer hook, anthropologie // kramer, priceless